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MAPIS is a startup based in Silicon Valley of Kosice.
Founded in 2011 we provide software development services and IT nearshore services.
Our services help clients daily to easily and productively work with software systems worldwire

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IT Personal Resourcing Services - contract, pernament, temporary, body lease

Java & .NET engineer
10+ From 1.6.2022
Web/Angular Engineers
3+ From 1.1.2022

About us

Our mission is to fully understand the client's Business's needs and develop the software / application to meet their goals more efficiently within the budget. We work to offer our clients a level of absolute satisfaction within time that can lead to a life time successful relationship. We work to deliver cost effective interactive software technologies and development services without compromising in its quality.

Why choose us?

You would be grand to hear more from you on our services, solutions or any aspects of our bussiness. Coming cost effective, quality of resources, quality of managers, flexible solutions and partner approach. Send your ideas, expectation and services you looking for to info@mapis.sk

What`s on the table?

Leading Technical University in Kosice
App. 1,000 Engineers graduated per year.
Very highly skilled IT staff and modern infrastructure.
Flexible deployment, central coordination & control model
Co-operation with Universities, IT Valley and other companies in Kosice region

Our Services

Smart Software Solutions for your business

Responsive Design

We understand the specific challenges of the design service.

Software Development

Whether Local or Global, we've got the right skills for the development

Nearshore Consulting

Whatever the industry or technology, our consultancy division can help.

Software Resourcing

Looking for a software level players? Resource networking is here.

Ping For Cooperation

Our Portfolio

Nearshore Development & IT Outsourcing - your software partner in Slovakia(Kosice)

MAPIS provides high skilled IT professionals and teams (software developers, testers & others IT specialist) in business services: Nearshore development, Software Outsourcing, Personal Leasing or even by IT Headhunting It is an IT services provider that shares your goals: - in software product engineering, - enterprise application integration, - software distribution, - turnkey application development

IT Headhunting

hired 211 IT experts

New Positions:
JS/JEE/Java 3x
.NET 6x
iOS/Android 4x

JS/Java/JEE Dev. 33x
iOS/Android Dev 9x
C#, C,.NET Dev 24x
send CV to: career

Software Teams

19 Clients in remote model

Opened Projects (2022):
1. Web Design 4+FTE (HTML5,ReactJS)
2. CMS Web 5FTE (Angular, AWS)
3. Big Data CTO 15FTE (JEE,Oracle)

Running Teams (2021):
4. Mechatronics CC 6+FTE (.NET,C++, Azure, Cypress)
5. Mortgage CC 2FTE (.NET, APEX)
6. Fintech Lab 3FTE (Android, Java, JEE)
Call for re-shoring: client

IT Development

36 software projects covered

Open Projects:
1. SW Solution Factory Automation - Complex
2. SAP ECC 6.0 legacy systems - Complex
3. LifeRay Portal Solution - Web
4. Mobile/ Online Payment - Smart
5. Location Based Services - Cloud
6. Telematic Solution - Cloud
7. Big Data UI/UIX - Web
IT support:support

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Java, JEE,WS
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ITC Lab (5+ FTE)
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OP Lab (45+ FTE) - hiring
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LBS Lab (100+ FTE)
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RTC Lab (15+ FTE)
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HI Lab (15+ FTE)
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IL Lab (15+ FTE)
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WA Lab(15+ FTE)
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Contact Us

MAPIS s.r.o.
Ruzinska 15
040 01 Kosice
Slovak Republic


+421 (0)903 041113

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